How To Access And Lock The Data In Your Lost Android Mobile?

Android mobiles are Smartphones that run on the Android OS. Numerous apps have been written specifically to Android mobiles making them versatile and powerful tools. People use them to carry out their day to day tasks easily, quickly and in a trouble-free manner.

Risks associated with losing Android mobiles

Besides calling, users can listen to music, view videos, browse the net, shoot pictures and videos, exchange text and multi-media messages, play interesting games, chat on social media and do so much more with their Android devices. With all these features, Android users are likely to have quite a quantity of private data stored on their mobiles.

If an Android mobile is stolen, data accumulated painstakingly over a period of time – such as contacts, pictures, audio/video files and more could be lost forever. A backup would be a great help in this situation. Worse, sensitive information might be used to manhandle bank accounts, undesirable calls might be placed or messages sent to friends and relatives. In such a scenario, being able to lock the phone would be a big relief.

Mobile monitoring apps for tracking Android mobiles and locking data remotely

The good news is that Mobile Monitoring apps such as Mobile Spy are available in the market not only to monitor mobiles but also to minimize disastrous results like data loss and misuse, in the event an Android mobile gets lifted by a thief or is accidentally lost.

The mobile monitoring app can be installed by the owner on his android phone (usually these apps are compatible with many Smartphones in the market). An account is immediately created on the app server. Whenever the phone is on, the app runs silently and secretly in the background. It records complete mobile activity into the account regularly; the owner can view the logs at any desired time.

Additionally, the mobile monitoring application logs the GPS location of the mobile. It also backs up mobile data like call logs, messages, emails, social media chat messages, pictures, videos, sites visited info etc. There are special options that allow mobile owners to lock their phone remotely and to see the mobile screen live – these features can prove most valuable if the mobile is stolen.

What happens when Android phones with cell phone monitoring software get lost?

Typically, by choosing the live screen view option, users are able to see the activity on the mobile screen at any given point in time live by simply logging into their app account. If the Android mobile device is misplaced or looted, owners can find out where the mobile is by tracking the phone’s GPS location instantly.

Mobile owners can trigger commands for remotely initiating a call or sending a message from their stolen phone or for locking it. They can choose to wipe out their phone data, in case they feel it is too sensitive. It is also possible to set off an optional siren. The mobile owners can obtain their lost phone’s latest SIM information and even try to retrieve the device!

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