6 Cloud Computing Trends That Are Set To Dominate 2019

6 cloud computing trends set to dominate 2019

Cloud as a technology has reached a maturity stage and enterprises know the benefits that it encapsulates for all kinds of needs. In 2018, we saw that some key trends in the form of APIs, hosting products, container systems, etc. With the year close to wrapping things up, we can already see the kind of demand that will be witnessed by the cloud industry. Some trends might be repeated. But we have spotted some new ones too.

As deployers of Cloud Hosting service, you would want to know what you can expect in the year to come. This article aims to emphasize such cloud trends. So, without further delay, here are 6 cloud computing trends that are set to dominate 2019.

1. Serverless cloud

Cloud minus the server allows developers to build and run business-critical infrastructure without having to invest in any server architecture or infrastructure. This has made it easy for developers to focus on their daily efficiencies and productivity. In addition to this, managing serverless cloud infrastructure is less taxing. Not only so but it can be scaled as much as possible. Moreover, applications made by developers can reach the market quickly because applications hosted on the serverless cloud can be built on them within a jiffy. Since this is a major advantage for deployers of the Cloud Hosting Service, 2019 can see this trend emerging with many activities happening in the business space with respect to mergers and acquisitions.

2. More storage

Till 2017, the total storage capacity of data hubs all over the world was 600 Exabyte (EB), whereas the utilised space was about 370. According to a survey by Cisco, the storage space capacity grew to 1.1 Zettabyte and is bound to increase by another 40-45% next year in 2019. A key reason for this is cited as increasing dependencies on cloud-based services like Google Cloud, etc. by enterprises, organizations as well as homes for IoT devices. With the current IT and Cloud Hosting service requirements, one can surely say that 2019 will see storage space amplified by hosting providers.

3. Container systems

Container systems are known for isolating applications so that they operate at high speeds, increase employee productivity and maintain application functionality in other containers even if one of the applications go down. Since a Cloud Hosting service provides massive storage, deployers use container systems to run their apps on the cloud. In addition to this, container systems can also be replicated. This is how- it is possible for the deployer to move smaller packages of the container through the cloud environment and scale them without having to change the hosting environment per se.

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

The rise of AI and ML is huge with regards to Cloud Hosting service. For one, the combination of AI and cloud has allowed enterprises to gather critical insights that can be used to boost cloud IoT (Internet of Things) applications. These applications are responsible for boosting the productivity and efficiencies of organizations. An offshoot of AI that has also elevated the productivity of enterprises is machine learning (ML). ML allows users that deploy Cloud Hosting service to learn and improve from user-generated experiences without being explicitly programmed. With the number of cloud applications deploying both technologies, there is no reason why they will not be one of the prime features of 2019.

5. GDPR compliant products

The initiation of GDPR has made compliance a mandate for every enterprise deploying the cloud. One of the key reasons being information is of the prime essence for all kinds of enterprises. While using a Cloud Hosting service, the applications that will be integrated into the service will need to be compliant with the GDPR. Hence, to bridge the compliance gap, we may see a flurry of GDP compliant cloud products in the nex year.

6. Quantum computing

As if cloud computing wasn’t sufficient, ventures are taking longer steps with their computing speed by conveying quantum processing and computing. Quantum processing centers around conveying registering innovation be concentrating on the quantum hypothesis. The increasing speed quantum processing gives while conveying remaining tasks at hand is so quick to the point that it takes monstrous jumps while achieving business objectives. It is said that the quantum cloud will be fiving machine learning, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the preferences an extreme time in the cloud increasing speed showcase. Or, in other words, organizations utilize it on every second premise. Proceeding in 2019, quantum will doubtlessly get more popular as organizations consider moving to the cloud.

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Conclusion On Six Cloud Computing Trends Which Dominate In 2019

We would like to tell you that you can expect some of these trends if not all. Also, this list isn’t really exhaustive. In case you have enjoyed reading this article, please leave your feedback in the comments section below. Till then, happy reading.

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