How To Download Bluestacks: Latest Version Bluestacks 4 on Windows 10

How To Download Bluestacks On Windows 10

Download BlueStacks 4 latest version on windows 10. It is a multiplatform cloud-based cross-platform product that runs android on PC or on macOS. It is also a program capable of running rooted Android applications on Windows and on macOS.

The main task is running Android games and apps directly on the PC, enabling greater enjoyment due to the size of the PC monitors and thus playing with more advantage by using the bluestacks. Continue with the guide on how to download BlueStacks 4 latest version Bluestacks on windows 10.

Bluestacks is an American originated application which has got its name echoed all over the world due to its capability. The complete package can be downloaded for free for Windows, it is approximately 110 MB, and it brings 10 pre-loaded applications ready to run and also allows you to install plenty more applications.

BlueStacks App Player is nothing more than an Android emulator capable of supporting a huge number of mobile applications on the PC. It normally runs different kinds of video games and messaging apps and social networking apps made for smartphones.

BlueStacks App Player comes with a set of pre-installed games and applications, and at the same time offers the possibility of installing many more in APK formats or simply by downloading them from Google Play through a google account. You will get wonderful experience in-game. BlueStacks 4 has been in development for several years, but it is here to stay for very long.

Download bluestacks 4 latest version bluestacks for windows 10

Download:  BlueStacks 4 latest version

BlueStacks Features:


Bluestacks 4 Features

App Center: It allows you to get the most recent and popular games that other players are playing at the moment. Just by clicking on a game, you can find reviews, images, summaries, and much more about any game.

Game Center: This wonderful company has partnered with the leading developers of Android games to give you prizes in the form of gifts that you can’t find in any other platform. In the gift center, you will find special skins, characters, gold, gems, and many more things. All you gotta do is downloading bluestacks 4 latest version bluestacks for windows 10.

Gift Center: in this section, you can get exclusive gifts, content, and other items directly from the game developers. To name a few: In King of Avalon, you could get gold or any kind of unique treasures and resources that you wouldn’t get by playing on the phone.
BlueStacks App Centre


Multi-instance functions: On your mobile or other Android emulators, you can only use one application at a time. BlueStacks 4 has an additional function called Multi-Instance Mode that allows you to open various games and apps in a separate instance. That means you can play on multiple accounts in Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and any other game at the same time. The limit is the sky, well jokes apart, the actual limitations are indeed your PC configuration.

Bluestacks Engine with Super High Adaptive Environment function: The BlueStacks 4 game engine automatically adjusts the computer settings like GPU, CPU usage. It will give the best settings for your gaming performance to make them smooth and fast. No other Android emulator can do this.

Automate Few Settings in BlueStacks 4: Now with the latest bluestacks version, you can adjust the resolution and size of your games to the monitor, and this way you can automatically adapt better to the computer screen resolution.

How To Speed Up BlueStacks For Best Performance

Bluestacks can run very slow if your PC configuration on point minimum. To better manage the gameplay you need to follow these tweaks to experience the best of what bluestacks can offer.

Power Plan: Power Plan of PCs is mostly in high settings, whereas in Laptops it is subjected to pre-modified to run at medium or optimal settings such that the battery won’t lose its recharge cycles faster. You should change the power plan to High to gain the best performance from the bluestacks game engine.

CPU Cores: From Bluestacks Engine settings you have an option to allocate all of your CPU cores. Depending upon the number of cores that your CPU has, upon selection bluestacks can allocate them. Then you can have smoother gaming experience.

Disable Hyper-V: Windows has its own virtualization technology called Hyper-V. Hyper-V of windows or other Hypervisors like VMware, Virtual Box interfere with the Virtualization and won’t let Bluestacks run properly. It’s better to turn Hyper-V off for having optimal performances.

Disable Antivirus Softwares: Bluestacks runs on VT technology, its a Virtualization feature for windows. Having an active antivirus may interfere with bluestacks virtualization performance. You may encounter a quality and performance issues. It is best suggested to turn off antivirus while running Bluestacks on windows.

Bluestacks Keyboard Controls

Bluestacks Keyboard Controls: Bluestacks 4 has got some of the best emulator keyboard controls. The fluid keyboard control mapping feature from the menu lets you play MOBA games such as PUBG or any other very sophisticated games smoothly. You can backup control schemes or even get a copy of control schemes from other pro players for A/B testing.

How To Download Bluestacks 4 For Windows 10

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