How To Send Large Files For Free By Mail: 5 Best Options

How large and cumbersome files can be mailed over the Internet? Of course, even if sending a file that is too large, it is generally complicated through the mail. Our daily work sometimes requires to send large files by mail. Most mail servers reject large attachments due to data storage issues. It happens when working from home or any office, whenever you need to share content with clients or colleagues in the department.

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Reasons to use tools to send large files by mail.This situation that appears when sending large files by mail is always present as more than one topic of conversation between both parties. Due to certain restrictions that email service providers impose, sending large files by mail is not possible. This is why we need alternative ways to send these large files and share them with others effectively.

First reason: Limited Data Size Per Account.>If you decide to create a Gmail to use it as a mail provider, it will allow you to attach and send large files of a maximum of up to 25 Mb. Outlook, in its full version, allows only 10 MB. These platforms impose the limitation, and by overcoming a large percentage of your free space, they suggest their cloud storage alternatives. Google Drive for Gmail attachments and OneDrive for It is a practical solution and one of the possible solutions, but you must go through the box or drive for regular usage.

Second reason: Large images

sending large files by mail, the photographs we generally are JPG or PNG, among other formats. Digital cameras and mobile devices, for example, share technologies for taking high-quality, large-size photos with extraordinary resolutions.

It is normal that this multiplies the size and that some occupy up to 6, 7, 10, or even 40 Mb, for example. That is why when you try to send more than 2 or 3 photos, you have to divide the files into two or three emails, which disorganizes and slows down the procedure.

Third reason: File compression helps but not much.

eople try to send large files by mail by compressing them into a WinRAR or Winzip document. However, doing so only reduces them by a few MB in size and, although it compacts all files into one, it does not represent any progress regarding the ease of sending by mail.

The best to

The best to

The best tools to send heavy or large files by mail

os, photos, presentations, or any other massive file, some platforms offer the possibility of sending, even without being registered with them.

1. Wetransf

1. Wetransf

1. Wetransfer Send large files." target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer">WeTransfer is one of the popular services to send large files and also free by mail. It is merely free without having to register or have an account. Through Wetransfer, you can send up to 2 GB files each time. You can use the service as many times as you want and send the same file at once to up to 20 different people. WeTransfer also generates a link that you can send to your contacts by email, for example, through which the file you want to communicate can be accessed. This link lasts up to 7 days.

2. Send Anywhere<

2. Send Anywhere<

2. Send Anywhere

r free by mail is Send Anywhere. A new file sharing service that works through the web browser. You can also download an application on your phone. It is compatible with all operating systems, which means you can use “Send Anywhere” to securely share files between iOS and Android devices, and PC and Mac.

Send Anywhere uses a peer-to-peer approach to file sharing, which means you are not leaving any files in the cloud that can be spied on by prying eyes. To send a file (up to 4 GB) in a web browser, it’s as simple as entering your email address and recipients, a subject and optional message, and pressing Send.

3. pCloud Transfer<

3. pCloud Transfer<

3. pCloud Transfer

ee by mail. With pCloud Transfer, you can send large files of up to 5 GB to up to 10 people. And you don’t have to go through any registration process either. You can also send encrypted files to make the Transfer even more secure. You just have to provide a password to the user you are sending the data to.

4. HighTail


One of the very popular and recently built tools around the same context of sending large files over mail. HighTail provides specialized plans for enterprise solutions, and for a free individual user too. Upon a simple registration, you can send files up to 100mb.

Unlike WeTranfer or the other HighTail provides a 2GB limited file storage space. If you’re part of their premium plans, you are liable to get branded links, short links, and many more services. Rest, one can say easily that their free plan is pretty useful for all and also a good alternative to wetransfer.

5. MediaFire

5. MediaFire


y the best alternative of Send Anywhere and google drive. It provides 1GB data space, and 14 days of free usage with no email or signups attached. You can push the data space limit by just signing up with MediaFire to get whopping 10GB data space.

Raise the limit by referring friends, following them on social media, and more. If you’re looking for ad-free downloads and enterprise solutions, you can upgrade any day. Your files get around a 100-day limit to share anywhere.

Advantages of being

Advantages of being

Advantages of being able to send large files by mail

l are many, to conclude and make you see how much they can help you:

  • The link that is sent in the message gives access to a space in the cloud, where you can download it.
  • All the tools that are included in this article are easy to use and also free, up to a limit set by each company, which is a size that most of the files do not reach.
  • The great benefits are for small and medium-sized companies, who can see their work processes speed up. Because, thanks to this, they expand the possibilities of managing, sharing, networking, improving their teleworking processes, and shortening the time in achieving their objectives.

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How To Send Large Files For Free By Mail: 5 Best Options

How large and cumbersome files can be mailed over the Internet? Of course, even if sending a file that is too large, it is...

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