Most useful iPhone Apps

Owning an iPhone is everyone’s dream nowadays. iPhone is equipped with software and applications that leaves most of its users astonished and amazed. Applications that come with the iPhones are just a sample of what it has to offer. The more applications you download the more you realize that there is no limit to what your iPhone can do.

Top Five Social apps

1. Twitter is an application that helps you discover what is happening anywhere in the world. Top tweets, real-time search, and maps showing what’s happening everywhere.

[appbox appstore 333903271]

2. Facebook – it makes it easy to share information with friends and get connected. You can chat, check photos and status updates.

[appbox appstore 284882215]

3. Skype – you can instant message and call anyone on Skype for free.

[appbox appstore 304878510]

4. QikShare – makes sharing with other people quick and easy.

[appbox appstore 552608723]

5. WhatsApp – chat with friends from your contacts and even can find many others in groups.

[appbox appstore 310633997]

Top Five Business Apps

1. Dragon Dictation – this is easy to use voice recognition that allows you to speak easily and see your email messages or text.  It is faster than typing on the keyboard. You can use it to update your Facebook status, send reminders and notes to yourself.

[appbox appstore 341446764]

2. Currency Converter – it’s an application that converts exchange rates over 180 currencies.

[appbox appstore 426007025]

3. Currency Converter – it’s an application that converts exchange rates over 180 currencies.

[appbox appstore 524123670]

4. MailChimp – you can use this application to view reports, subscribe to your mailing list.

[appbox appstore 366794783]

5. Concur Mobile – Concur Mobile clients can manage their travel itineraries and expense transactions through their Smartphone’s.

[appbox appstore 335023774]

Top Five Productivity apps

1. Todoist: Organize your life – it is a personal task manager which is simple to use with an easy interface. The best part about this is that you can synchronize it with multiple computers and your iPhone.

[appbox appstore 572688855]

2. Swipes – To do & Task list – it’s an application that converts exchange rates over 180 currencies.

[appbox appstore 657882159]

3. Evernote – it turns the Ipad, iPhone touch, and the iPhone into an extension of your brain, which helps you remember every detail of your life.

[appbox appstore 281796108]

4. Instapaper Free – saves web pages for later reading while you are offline.

[appbox appstore 288545208]

5. Simplenote – it is first, synchronized and clean application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Downloading a simplenote gives you access to the free web application. Your created notes will sync wirelessly, securely and automatically in all directions.

[appbox appstore 289429962]

Over to you guys! The comments section is open for your experiences of the apps above, and your recommendation of other useful iPhone apps that we haven’t included. We will be updating such app lists for even Android (no discrimination whatsoever). Stay Tuned!


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