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With Facebook being the thing and dominating the social media space along with Twitter, it has become essential that you make the most out of your Facebook Fan page. The Facebook Fan page is your showpiece window in the Facebook Window, you’re most potent form of communication and your mostly free tool to build the brand and generate revenue both directly and indirectly.

With more than 800 million users, it is hard to ignore Facebook and its reach. So what can you do once you have built the Facebook Fan page? Some tips are discussed here:

1. Get people to become a Fan

Once the fan page is set up, the next part comes making the fan page popular and enticing people to like it and become a fan. Once you are set up, go out and promote it.  Offer visitors incentives to like and become a fan like free coupons and contests.  People need to be encouraged to do business and come to the page.

Remind people to Like your page. Be direct. There is a lot of distraction of Facebook and you need to be direct with users for them to convert.

2. Update the content

Keep the content regularly updated and the user should keep coming back to your page. Run periodic contests and discount offers as part of larger marketing scheme of things. Post news and pictures on the Wall. Engage the user. They need to make part of an ecosystem and sublimely enticed to become your brand ambassadors. Post regular news about new products and launches along with generic stuff that the people may find interesting like Quotes and even news of other web stuff.

3. Engage the Fan

The whole emphasis of the Facebook campaign should be on engaging the user. Keep the conversation flowing and make it two way. Build a personal connection. Post pictures and Videos. Give a face to the Facebook campaign staff. Initiate and create interactive communication. Offer industry updates and news on the page along with exclusive news to Facebook users before sharing it with the other public.

Get your employees to become a Fan and become involved in the interaction but within the limits of the overall campaign strategy.

4. Design

Make use of the various tools available to create a great design that is visually appealing and user-friendly. Create custom tabs if required. The Facebook page is your Landing page and should be connected to the main website along with a defined Call to Action. Get the optimized URL for the Fan Page as it has better recall value.

Promote the Fan page prominently on your other online campaigns and the website. It should be tightly integrated with the offline media, the website, SEO and PPC campaign, blog and sites like Twitter and LinkedIn.

The overall emphasis and focus of the Facebook page and campaign should be to build a dedicated community and increase the reach of the brand by promoting the brand virally.

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